Prices and Layout

2022 Prices

NO CASH ACCEPTED. Checks and money orders only!

Ground Burials

One Burial Right, Old Section $2,500.00
One Burial Right, New Section $1,600.00
One Burial Right, 2 Park. Each Burial Right will accommodate one full burial, or one full burial and one cremain, or two cremains. $900.00

Openings and Closings

Monday – Friday Full Burial $1500.00 Cremains $725.00
Saturdays Full Burial $1,800.00 Cremains $900.00
Saturdays after 12:00 Full Burial $1,900.00 Cremains $1000.00
No Sunday Burials


Perpetual Care

15% of the purchase price of all burial rights is placed into the cemetery’s Endowment Care Fund, with interest only used to maintain the burial rights of the purchasers.
Children under one year of age
One burial right in Babyland, includes opening and closing.

Outdoor Cremorial Units

Unit I & II $835.00
Unit III (bottom) $1,300.00
Unit III (top) $1,500.00


Glass Front, middle row $3,145.00
Glass Front, high and low rows $2,725.00
Pillars, middle section $1,680.00
Pillars, high or low sections
Cremorial Units and Columbarium include interment (Monday-Friday) and engraved plate with Name, Birth and Death Dates

Cremains Sections

One Burial Right, including opening and closing
Monday-Friday. Flat markers not larger than 24” by 12” are allowed.

New Cremains Sections

6 Park ~ Flush Marker Only
Monday-Friday. Flat markers not larger than 24” by 12” are allowed.
6 Park ~ Upright or Flush Marker
2 Cremains per burial right. Includes o/c Monday-Friday.
Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Please call for appointment during regular business hours,
Grounds: Larry Sanborn
Office: Kendra Fox