Reforestation Program

The cemetery’s century-old urban forest requires on-going care and attention. The removal of deadwood limbs and dead trees plus the planting of new trees helps maintain a healthy forest. Reforestation began in 1989 when Dr. Jane Bloom and her husband began planting trees in an effort to preserve the urban forest. As a volunteer and lot owner she now chairs the cemetery’s Forest Management Committee which oversees the care and replacement of trees. Dr. Bloom is pictured above, working with a crew caring for a new planting. Since the program began, over 325 trees and 140 shrubs have been planted.

If you are interested in helping fund the reforestation program, please call the office and ask about the Forest Hill Cemetery Forestry Management Fund, maintained by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. Contributions to this special trust fund are tax deductible and also receive Michigan Tax Credits to the maximum extent as provided by law.

Plant a Tree

Those wishing to “plant a tree” are able to deduct the value of the tree and planting costs for income tax purposes, because of the cemetery’s 501 (c) (13) not-for-profit status. Brass recognition plates will be displayed nearby. Contact the cemetery office at 734-663-5018 for more information.